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RENOVATIO — Effective union of biology and medicine​

RENOVATIO is a scientific and practical alliance of Ukrainian researchers and practicing specialists created at the behest of time. We have united for a common goal – the development and introduction of drugs of biological origin for the prevention, improvement and rejuvenation of a person. Especially for you, we have developed a unique raw material extraction technology that allows you to preserve the natural structure and properties of active components.

Our technologies are unique. The “know-how” we use allows us to obtain products with very high biological activity.

Fundamental research shows that the active substances developed by us have a normalizing effect on the functioning of various body systems, and also have a beneficial effect on the biological age of cells and tissues.

Advantages of "Renovatio" TM products and their application

Natural components

We use only natural raw materials that have been repeatedly tested for safety.

Fast and powerful action

This is the power of nature, which is concentrated in a modern drug

Physiological and natural action

The active substances of our products are produced by the body from birth. We are only restoring what has been lost with age.

Advanced technology

Innovations, implementation of scientific and technical achievements allow obtaining active components with maximum preservation of their structure and properties.

High quality

Provided with a specially developed formula, modern equipment and sincere work.


The price-quality ratio is very pleasing to our customers.

Absolute safety

Even with long-term use, you get only a positive effect.

Recommended for regular use

This only accumulates a positive effect and is not addictive.

Our products have been certified

GMP standard

Production conditions meet the requirements of clean rooms

Our certificates

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