Use of placenta in modern medicine and cosmetology

Technologies and substances
Placental preparations have a powerful biostimulating effect, are very effective in the prevention and treatment of a number of diseases, rejuvenation of the body and in cosmetology.
Medical records show that the placenta was used for medicinal purposes as early as the ancient Egyptian civilization. Its healing, rejuvenating and health-improving properties are described in all known treatises of medicine: Ayurveda, Avicenna’s Canon of Medicine, Zhu-Shi and Vaidurya-Onbo (Tibetan Medicine), Chinese, ancient Greek and Roman sources.

It is impossible to say which of the functions of the placenta is the main one. We will consider only those properties that are directly related to medicine and cosmetology.

The presence of a huge number of essential biologically active compounds in the placenta ensures the growth and normal development of the fetus, the balance of immune processes, the normal flow of division, differentiation and directional movement of cells.

What are these compounds, because they are the ones that attract our attention. These are, first of all, growth factors and other regulatory peptides, phospholipids, cerebrosides, enkephalins, endorphins, interleukins, vitamins , trace elements, enzymes.

The most important tasks in the process of production of preparations from the placenta are the maximum preservation of all these biologically active molecules, their structure, to get rid of unnecessary impurities and unwanted components. For example, hormones, chemical reagents and extractive substances. The best way to achieve this goal is using technology of cryogenic molecular sublimation. Thanks to its advantages, we receive preparations of impeccable quality.


Properties of placenta extract:


This is a broad concept and it is more correct to use it in a clinical sense. At the molecular, physiological level, all the mechanisms described below, in one way or another, are involved in the recovery of the body, or individual tissues or organs. Placenta preparations are very effective in rehabilitation after serious illnesses, injuries, operations, as well as in the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome. Anti-aging therapy, rejuvenation of the body, where placental drugs have proven their effectiveness, is essentially also recovery.


A large number of growth factors determine the ability of placental preparations to stimulate cell division and differentiation. Moreover, in terms of its power in this aspect, the placenta is inferior only to stem cells. It is not for nothing that it is successfully used in the treatment of wounds, burns and in cosmetology for external rejuvenation.


During pregnancy, the placenta prevents the mother's immune system from perceiving the fetus as a target. A certain group of substances involved in this process is able to normalize excessive immune reactions. Therefore, placenta extract is used in the treatment of allergic and autoimmune diseases.


Protection of any cell of the body occurs due to neutralization of free radicals, stabilization of cell membranes, improvement of oxygen uptake by mitochondria. Since the healing of the cell is the basis of the healing of the body, cytoprotection can be considered the foundation and key chain of rejuvenation and cancer prevention. The listed mechanisms of cytoprotection play a very important role in the treatment of type 2 diabetes, arterial hypertension, fatty hepatosis, atherosclerosis, etc.


In addition to the mechanisms of cytoprotection, the nervous system is influenced by specific growth factors that ensure the maturation and differentiation of new neurons, the formation of new interneuron connections, and at the same time the ways of transmitting signals and information. That is why the placenta extract shows the ability to positively influence the course of some degenerative nervous diseases: Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, senile dementia, multiple sclerosis and others.


The placenta is rich in growth factors responsible for the formation of blood vessels. What is important, vessels of the smallest diameter - capillaries. That is why long-term use of placenta preparations has a positive effect on the volume of the vascular bed, improves blood flow in vital organs. It is considered useful for cardiovascular diseases. By the way, these diseases are the most common in the world and are responsible for 70% of all deaths in society.


At first glance, the ability of the placenta to stimulate cell division and form new vessels should promote the development of cancer. However, practical observations and scientific studies, on the contrary, testify to the considerable anti-oncogenic potential of placenta extract. First, the mechanisms of cytoprotection stand in the way of the malignant process. Secondly, the ability of placental cells, evading the immune system, to timely stop the division and subsequent germination of the tissue in the mother's body, can be used in oncology. But this still needs further study.

Placental preparations have a powerful biostimulating effect, are very effective in the prevention and treatment of a number of diseases, rejuvenation of the body and in cosmetology.

Technologies and substances