“Inditrex” is a balm-spray for the treatment of vasomotor and allergic rhinitis, as well as chronic sinusitis, adenoiditis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis. Properties, contraindications and method of use of the drug.

Glass vial with sprayer 10 ml.

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INDITREX Spray Balm contains biologically active substances with beneficial effects in different inflammatory processes of upper respiratory airway:

  • chronic vasomotor rhinitis,
  • chronic allergic rhinitis,
  • chronic sinusitis,
  • chronic adenoiditis,
  • chronic tonsillitis,
  • chronic pharyngitis.

How to Use:

Adults and children over 2 years old: 2 sprays 2-3 times a day in each nasal passage or in the throat.

Before using INDITREX Spay Balm, shake the bottle, then remove the protective cap of the dispenser. By lightly pressing with your fingers, make a test spray into the air. For correct use, it is necessary to hold the sprayer vertically (with nozzle of the dispenser being at the top). Put the nozzle into the nostril, quickly and sharply press 1 time on the sprayer, and remove the nozzle from the nostril. While spraying, inhale a little air through the nose; this will help better intake of the product.

Recommended Time of Use: 1-3 months. Further use should be agreed with the doctor.

Product Composition:

TS-5 peptide complex, chamomile extract, aloe vera extract, glycine, purified water

Characteristic Properties:

Effect of the product is attributable to unique composition of the ingredients (peptides, saccharides, amines) obtained by complicated technological processing of the raw material – fish roe and milt. Components of the product are able to be incorporated into metabolic pathways as substrates and catalysts, which results in normalization of intracellular metabolic function. This is the reason for the extremely effective anti-inflammatory potential of the product, as it helps to repair broken connections and restores functioning of the body’s regulatory systems – nervous, immune, and paracrine.

TS-5 polypeptide complex has the following properties:

  • anti-inflammatory,
  • immunomodulatory,
  • regenerative,
  • antioxidative,
  • cytoprotective.

The anti-inflammatory properties of INDITREX are attributable to immunomodulatory effect of the product and due to the increased cell resistance to many damaging factors such as toxins, cytokines, free radicals, etc.

As signal molecules, TS-5 oligopeptides regulate functional activity of regulatory and protective systems in upper airway mucous membrane.

Biologically active oligopeptides with a molecular weight of up to 5 kDa are able to penetrate into cytoplasm and nucleus and provide multiple beneficial effects on body cells and tissues.

The most important properties of oligopeptides are their ability to regulate metabolism, activate antioxidant mechanisms, and restore genetic information reproduction.

Chamomile extract, due to the presence of the active substance azulene, has an anti-inflammatory, healing and anti-allergic effect. Another equally important component of chamomile is bisabolol, which also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Aloe extract is rich in vitamins, enzymes, and other biologically active substances. It has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties, enhances regeneration processes in mucous membranes and skin.

The components of plant origin potentiate anti-inflammatory and restorative properties of the peptide complex components.

Even short-term use of INDITREX Spray Balm significantly reduces inflammation and swelling of the upper airway mucous membrane, restores nasal breathing, and significantly shortens the treatment process.

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Individual sensitivity to the product components.

Precautions for Use:

Usually INDITREX Spray Balm is well tolerated and does not cause allergic reactions. However, in some cases, a vasomotor reaction of the nasal mucosa in the form of short-term swelling is possible as a response to mechanical irritation by the spray jet. Such an adverse reaction is not a reason to stop using the product.

Not a medicinal product. Free of GMO.

Release form: Glass vial with sprayer 10 ml.

Storage Conditions:

Store at a temperature from +5°С to +20°С in a place protected from direct sunlight. Do not freeze !!!

Once opened, the balm should be stored in a refrigerator at a temperature of +5°С to +8°С with a relative humidity of no more than 75%.

Storage period: 12 months. The expiry date is the batch number and is indicated on the label


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